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Turn truth into conversions

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Mentions, photos
& videos

All relevant and user-generated content including mentions, photos and videos, is gathered and “feeltered” and brought to your customers in real time next to the product.

This valuable information gives customers more reason to stay on site and has been proven to greatly increase usage time, reduce bounce rate and increase sales.

Interactive widget

Easily add or customize features within the widget to help give customers a more user-friendly experience

Tag System
Users can use the “tag” option to help them navigate through
all the information they have specific interest in.

Share button
A direct Share button allows users to instantly share reviews,
mentions, photos or videos through email, Facebook,
Twitter or Google+, helping increase usage time and elevating trust.

Book / Buy & Add to Favorites
Dedicated buttons can be easily added to shorten
the purchasing procedure.

Seamless integration

Only one line of script –
just plug and play.

The feelter widget can be installed on any website easily and quickly by adding a short line of script anywhere on your website.

Integrate easily

Social curation

Our powerful algorithm gathers and analyzes mentions from multiple resources

feelter’s advanced technology “extracts” texts from multiple resources, analyzes its value and relevance and then displays the most current and accurate information to what customers are looking for.

SEO promotion

Rise to the top of search results

Since feelter constantly displays new and relevant content within your website, SEO is automatically increased and optimized.


Customize the button, widget and content to your company’s needs.

Whether on PC, Smartphone or Tablet – feelter can be embedded and used in any device and can be fully customized: Everything from button size, which resources can be included or excluded, which tabs to include or exclude and more.

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feelter analytics

The most significant insights and breakdown of your customers’ behavior.

See the full picture with the feelter back office and get detailed reports on user behavior, widget functionality, statistics and more. Our detailed Social Insights tab provides users with a summarized analytics report on gender breakdown, ratings, popularity and more, helping them feel even more informed.

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We areAnd this is what we do

Our vision
We believe in bringing the truth to customers
Today, when it comes to shopping, searching, booking and opinions, consumers have changed the rules of the game. They are relying more and more on social media. They are searching for the truth. And we believe the truth can serve brands (and people) far better than made-up reviews. That’s when we decided to listen to consumers and bring the truth to them, by creating feelter.
feelter is a game-changing tool that opens up to reveal the most relevant, un-manipulated wisdom of the crowd and brings it straight to your customers fingertips. So they never have to leave your page, your app or your store.
We’re about giving people the full picture
We believe in making brands more trustworthy & transparent
feelter is not about organizing reviews. Or about managing opinions to try and convince customers. feelter is about giving customers exactly what they are looking for all over social media – right inside your website. Helping create more engagement, building brand loyalty and trust, increasing conversion rates like never before.

We want to give people a new way to look at products

The truth sells

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Contact us and we’ll customize a perfect social wisdom meter for your online store.

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